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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 7:03 am

So by cancelling my cable yesterday, Comcast scheduled me to have the cable guy show up at like 11:30 today to unplug my box. I figured the $12 termination fee and 20% increase in my internet bill would be enough, but apparently I need to lose a vacation day too.

I called them up and told them very politely that I would be willing to disconnect everything and bring it to them after work. Im very proud of myself. I almost even raised my voice.

In photo related news, I booked (8) tickets to Medieval Times this Saturday. If you have a minute, you have to call their number (1-866-543-9637). They got the monster truck announcer to introduce their company and there’s obnoxious horn fanfares. I was loving it. Then this sweet sounding girl answered the phone and introduced herself as “Castle Maiden Sarah.” Ended up getting 35% off on all tickets.


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